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Changing Skyline

indoor sculpture
Material: Bluestone
Size: Height 31 cm, depth and width variable, about 70x30 cm
€ 3500


City in motion – the changing skyline of Utrecht'

Utrecht is a city on the move, especially the city center on the Jaarbeurs side is changing rapidly. If you cycle from west to east, as I do very regularly, you cannot avoid the constant construction and new buildings. A nice concept to take as a starting point.

I like working with residual material, and this plan is ideal for that. I started with a collection of bluestone blocks that fit well together in size. With sufficient variation. I turned this into a series of shapes that evoke an association with a building. Together they form an urban whole. A bit random, just as a city can grow.

It is a combination of straight and slanting lines, with different heights, various structures, ranging from matte light gray to glossy black. This sculptrue is about composition, proportion and rhythm. The spacing also plays a role. You can adjust the setup depending on where it will be placed. It's a bit of a puzzle, what works and what doesn't?