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Sekimori Ishi 2

Material: Bluestone, rope and twig
Size: 38 x 75 x 15 cm
€ 3750


This sculpture was created for the SEKIMORI ISHI MODERN exhibition. (See also the sculptures SekimoriIshi 1 and SekimoriIshi 3). In the period from September 2013 to September 2015, this international traveling exhibition was shown at 5 locations in the Netherlands and France ( (literally: stacked stone; figuratively: boundary stone; stop stone) is an old 16th century Japanese tradition.

For 'Sekimoriishi modern' I started from the stone as a marking, modest, yet clearly present. The sculpture fits in a natural environment and is special in its modesty. The tension is not in the grand gesture, but in the details: for example the form of connection, the interplay of volumes, the balancing of shapes or the interior space through which light falls.

This sculpture is made of Belgium bluestone, carved by hand. The pointed chisel gives a rhythm to the surface. It’s about keeping in balance. The round form on top is kept in place by a rope. The rope runs underneath and is locked by a little twig. They need each other, but are in harmony.