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Sekimori Ishi 3

Material: Bluestone and metal
Size: 69 x 63 x 24 cm


This sculpture was created for the SEKIMORI ISHI MODERN exhibition. (See also the sculptures Sekimori Ishi 1 and Sekimori Ishi 2). In the period from September 2013 to September 2015, this international traveling exhibition was shown at 5 locations in the Netherlands and France (

Sekimori ishi: (literally: stacked stone; figuratively: boundary stone; stop stone) is an old 16th century Japanese tradition.

For 'Sekimori ishi modern' I started from the stone as a marking, modest, yet clearly present. The sculpture fits in a natural environment and is special in its modesty. The tension is not in the grand gesture, but in the details: for example the form of connection, the interplay of volumes, the balancing of shapes or the interior space through which light falls. As a result, the sculpture attracts your attention.

This is quite a basic sculpture, roughly carved from bluestone, on top you partly see the original fracture of the stone. The standing parts are kept together by a metal foot. The top balances loosely, but stays in place because of the weight.