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Material: Bluestone and granite
Size: 42 x 42 x 11 cm
€ 2750


I regularly work with leftover stones, the unusual shapes often lead to new ideas. This sculpture is made of four loose pieces of bluestone, from a stonemason. The many hollow curves - a residual form of drilling holes - were inevitable and defining the sculpture. The four parts are glued together (you can still see this up close). A pinhead shines lightly in the middle.

The roughly carved structure contrasts beautifully with the smooth, black edge. It is polished by hand, which gives the shapes a soft appearance. It also ensures that it invites you to touch and feels good.

The sculpturis freestanding on one of the narrow cavities. Or on the somewhat wider cavity, the granite roll can provide extra stability.

This sculpture is also suitable for outdoor, although the black will lose some of its shine.